Hot Totty
If you examine the covers of the ludicrous lads’ fashion and lifestyle mags on the shelves today, you can see that the average British male has moved forward only marginally from his cave-man days. Certainly, the success of these crude publications suggests that he still thinks in Neanderthal terms. His antiquated attitudes are seen most clearly, of course, in his approach to sex. For him and the magazine editors, the physical attributes of Jordan, Kelly Brook and Megan Fox are what it’s all about.
But there is a man out there who understands a lot more about sex than that, who finds little excitement in the bums-and-boobs culture that the tabloids and television try to force down his throat. Leaving all that to boys and builders, he searches for something more challenging.
What he is looking for is the sultry, assured woman of the kind they especially understand across the Channel. Think Charlotte Rampling and Jane Birkin. This sort of woman – confident, soignée and aware that allure is more than the sum of her physical parts – deals in sexual subtlety of a depth many Brits don’t fathom. A woman like Rampling realises that a slight veil of understated sexuality is what makes for a tempting sexual challenge. Any boy can pull some chick with big bazookas. It takes a grown-up to get behind that veil.
(First published April 2006)

Picture; Charlotte Rampling photographed by Helmut Newton in 1973