CAPUCCI, Roberto

Born Rome, 1929

Scion of a wealthy Roman family, Capucci studied at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome and, persuaded by a friend, he then opened a tiny fashion house in that city in 1950, when he was twenty-one. He showed in Florence with great success in the same year. Since then he has been a persistent Italian star. Supported and encouraged by Eugenia Shepherd, he opened in Paris in 1962. Seven years later he closed and returned to stay in Rome.
From the first, Capucci’s approach to design was strikingly individual and original. He always experimented and attempted to extend the perimeters of fashion by a daring use of cut and fabric. For him the dress seemed more important than the wearer. This was sacrilege in these modern times and so. although his clothes became more exciting at each collection, press coverage of them appeared to dwindle season by season. His cut is architectonic, in the tradition of
James and Balenciaga. Perfection of line is all-important. He employed no design assistants. A Capucci presentation was mounted on the assumption that the viewers wish only to look at the clothes. The cathedrallike atmosphere as each garment silently appears, often worn by friends of the family, was far removed from the presentational vulgarity of many of his fellows.
Since Capucci sold part of his business in 2001, Capucci has been designed by creative teams including Sybilla and Bernhard Wilhelm.